Thursday, 23 January 2014

#4 Let's go for a run!

You love to run!  You hardly ever walk anywhere, even in the hallway at home. Your little feet are always pounding the floor as quickly as they can as you tear around at full speed.

When you need to burn some energy we ask "Do you want to go for a run?" and your face lights up, you go straight to the stair gate and start rattling it saying "Run! Run! Run!" and we have to leave right that minute, otherwise you get upset.  We put your shoes and your hat on, open the  front door and you are off.

There is a small park across the road from our house in Castor Bay with a pathway running down the middle.  We let you out of the push chair at the top and you will run the whole length, stopping occasionally to tell us you've seen a bumble bee, or an ant, or a buttercup.  You are in your element, free and running in the sun.

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