Thursday, 23 January 2014

#3 "Read it!"

"Read it, Mummy!" "Read it, Daddy!"

These are requests are heard by us many times a day as you bring us an endless stream of books to read to you. It's lovely that you get so much enjoyment from books.
When I investigate why things have gone quiet you can often be found sat in front of the book case with a book in your lap, turning the pages and looking at the pictures.

You have named each book with your own title and when asked what book you would like to read you'll refer to them by these names:

"The Uh Oh book" = 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'
"The Piggy book" = 'The Three Little Pigs'
"The Buddha book" = 'The Gingerbread Man'
"The Bunny book" = 'A Bunnies Tale'

And so on!

You are very particular about where the readers fingers are on the page. Even if just a small finger is covering a small animal or leaf at the very edge of the page, the offending finger is quickly, and quite forcefully, removed.

Favourite books are read over and over with with saying "Again!" as soon the last page is turned. I have to confess, because of this, daddy & I have been known to hide the odd book for a while so we don't have to read it for the 50th time that day!

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