Friday, 16 October 2015

15 #10 Habits, rituals and general obsessive behaviour

You are such a funny little thing. Everything has to be done in a particular way. Things have to follow a certain pattern, the way we've always done it, or there's hell to pay. You like predictability. You need a set routine. But you are very cute with it!

Just some of your little rituals are:

We have to have a story, then you brush your teeth. Then more paste is required, then a second brush. Now it's my turn to brush your teeth. After that you go out to the dining room and say goodnight to Daddy. We then sing Twinkle Twinkle and you climb into bed to drink your milk. A kiss, a cuddle, a handshake is then required, and usually lots of repetition of these before you'll let me say goodnight and leave the room.

Porridge and 100 & 1000's is your staple breakfast.  You require 100 & 1000's in a cup with a spoon whilst I cook the porridge.  The tub of sprinkles has to be left in an exact position on the side, which you will then carry over to the table when your bowl of porridge is on the table.  You save some of the 100 & 100's in your cup to sprinkle over your porridge. The tub gets sprinkled first, then you tip the remainders from your cup. Then you can FINALLY eat your porridge. Heaven help me if I forget a step or get it wrong at any stage!

At kindy
When we arrive you find your name on the wall and choose your locker.  Then you lead me around the garden and go down the zoom slide, then you lead me to the gate. You give me kisses, licky kisses, cuddles, say you love me, wave, go off to play.  I like this little ritual because you are so happy to be at kindy and proud of it you want to show it off to me before running off to have a great day.

15 #11 Living with a Threenager

The Troublesome Three's are definitely harder than the Terrible Two's. I thought we had gotten away quite lightly with the Tertible Two's but you are paying us back 100 fold with your Troublesome Three's!
You can articulate what you want and what your feeling much much better now you are three. You feel injustices (or perceived injustices) much deeper. And you yell a whole lot louder too!! You stamp your feet, throw your arms, throw anything to hand across the room, shout, scream and cry really loudly. Quite a few times a day!
You are testing out your bossiness - which sometimes is cute - but sometimes is downright rude. Take today for example, you were tired and Cooper was over to play but you didn't want to play and you started being stroppy and shouting so I sent you to your room to calm down. I went in to check on you and you shouted "Go away!". So you spent a few minutes in timeout.
You are argumentative, defiant and stubborn to the core. When you have decided you don't want to do something there is absolutely no persuading you otherwise. You are so like me it's scary!!

15 #6 Kindy: an update

Kindy has been nothing short of revolutionary for you!
We have been through a period of you crying as I left after the initial novelty wore off, but you loved being there after a few minutes.
We then went through a longer period of you crying when I collected you.  One of your teachers thought this was relief and a release of tension, that I had come back to get you.  You must have been really worried subconsciously that I wouldn't come back.
You ask fairly regularly why mummies don't stay at kindy. Even though now you are totally happy to be there. You would still prefer it if I stayed.
Now you cry when I collect you because you don't want to go home!  You get so upset at collection time that today we extended your hours on a Wednesday so you now stay until the very end at 4:30. That means you are doing 8 hours there. Feedback from our teacher this afternoon was that you have had a fantastic day, you were happy all day and you absolutely loved staying late.  At 2:30 when most of the children go home, your teacher Rosie said to everyone "that's the end now, but Elise & Joni are staying late" and your reaction was to yell "woo hoo!" And you ran outside cheering! And you still cried when I collected you as you wanted to stay even longer. Bedtime was easy tonight! No protest and asleep within minutes!!

When you first started a little girl called Norah took you under her wing. You took a real shine to Norah and she became your best friend. Norah was older, coming up to 5, so she has now left kindy to go to school.  She left quite a gap in your life and your time at kindy and it's taken a couple of months for you to stop missing her. In that time you have become friendly with Aliyah, but she is more friendly with some of the other girls. Joni has tried hard to be your friend, but this was met initially with annoyance from you. Joni is very full on, wanting to cuddle you, wanting to be next to you, and generally wanting your full undivided attention.  You would often tell me that Joni had annoyed you that day. But Joni's persistence has paid off and you now spend the majority of your time at kindy with her.

You have a little ritual when I drop you off. Once we've found your name and chosen a locker you lead me around the garden to show me all the things there - trampoline, pirate ship, tree house, zoom slide. You show me how to go down the zoom slide, then you lead me to the gate, give me licky kisses and wave goodbye.  You've been doing this for a few months, but today after leading he round and going down the zoom slide Joni arrived so you said "you can go by yourself now mummy" and you jumped not the trampoline with her and that was that. No goodbye, no kisses, nothing!

I am so pleased you love it there. You have settled in amazingly well, you love all the teachers and you are developing in confidence so much.  You and all the children are going to put on a Christmas show and I can't wait to see you in it!