Friday, 11 December 2015

15 #12 The sceptic

Last year I posted at Christmas time about your innocence and how lovely it was in respect of not expecting presents. This year you have become a sceptic.  You fully understand Christmas now and who Father Christmas (or Santa as you have chosen to call him) is but you have already said you don't believe he's real!  I expected that at 8 or 9 years old but not at 3.5!  We've written him a letter asking for the presents you would like and afterwards you said "I don't think he will bring me the things I've asked for. I think he'll bring me different things." And at our Christmas party last week you blurted out in front of everyone "I don't believe in Father Christmas!"
I have no idea where you have even come across the notion that he's not real, certainly not at home. Perhaps at kindy from children with other siblings. 
You are really excited for Christmas though, but it's a long month of waiting and I think perhaps you are even beginning to doubt it will happen at all. For the first few days of December you asked me "is today Christmas?" But after several no's you've stopped asking.  I just hope you'll be pleasantly surprised come Christmas morning and that will wash away your inner sceptic.