Sunday, 10 August 2014

#18 A bad start to the holiday

We arrived in England on Sunday 3/8 and you soon started with sniffles, then a temperature, coughing, sneezing and so on. I then came down with it, then Daddy. The doctor said you have tonsillitis and gave you antibiotics.

You have been so ill, but you've stayed smiley and good natured and you have been an absolute star. Thank goodness for Cbeebies! It has been my saviour, and yours. The sickness, coupled with awful jet lag, has left me with absolutely no energy to entertain you, and when you weren't just lying on the sofa you have been quite happy to watch the tv and discover lots of new cartoons, you've never seen before.

This is your poor little face when you are feeling so ill and sorry for yourself. All I wanted to do was hold you and make it better. But you are so good natured you keep asking me if I'm feeling better and telling me you love me.

It's taken a week, but we are finally feeling like we are getting better. We're still sniffling and coughing, but we actually made it outside today to get a change of scenery. Even you have had enough of the tv now and you don't want it on. Now that is saying something!