Wednesday, 21 May 2014

#12 Snuggle days

At least once a week we try to have a day at home, doing nothing except snuggling and playing. Whilst I think it's important we go to various activities to give you exposure to different experiences and other children; and there's things that need to be done each week, like shopping, I also think it's important you get some time at home to play with your toys and to make your own entertainment. These days are our "Snuggle Days".
We generally have breakfast a little later than normal and we get dressed at a leisurely pace. You get to watch some tv in the morning, and we do puzzles and drawing and Play Doh and lots more. I really enjoy these days with you. Nowhere to go and nothing much to do, except cuddle and play and enjoy your company.

Friday, 2 May 2014

#11 I'm a Witch!

"The Witch has a cat and a hat that is black, and long ginger hair in a braid down her back. 
How the cat purred and how the Witch grinned as they sat on their broomstick as they flew through the wind.  
But how the Witch wailed and how the cat spat when the wind blew so wildly it blew off her hat."
                        From 'Room On The Broom' by Julia Donaldson & Alex Scheffler

I have just written this passage, the first page in the book, from memory because we have read it so often. You also know pretty much the whole book by heart too and can often be heard reciting lines and paragraphs from it.

You LOVE wearing your witches hat (which incidentally is for ages 3-6 months and you wore it aged 5 months at our Halloween party for our antenatal group).  You wear it all day, every day.  It's the first thing you ask for when you wake up and we have to take it off your head at bedtime.  
Your other favourite accessory is your wand! Because every witch needs a wand!

You run around the house shouting "I'm a witch!" and casting spells "Iggedy zaggedy zoom!"

"Down!" cried the witch and they flew to the ground. 
They searched for the hat but no hat could be found.
Then out of the bushes on thundering paws.
There bounded a dog with the hat in his jaws.
He dropped it politely and eagerly said ...

You are word perfect and so, so cute as you tell the story to yourself and act it out by dropping the hat and the wand and go looking for them.


You are always asking us to draw a witch, a cat, a dog, a frog, a bird - all the characters from the story. Even the scary dragon!

I think it's even safe to say you are more obsessed with this book than you are with Peppa Pig, and that's saying something!