Wednesday, 25 February 2015

15 #1: 2 years n New Zealand

Well we've been here for 2 years now so I thought I should talk a little bit about how we are getting on. The obvious bit - we've bought a house so we are here to stay. That decision was probably the easiest one out of all the decisions we have had to make in the last 4 years to get to where we are now. Because, yes, we started thinking, planning, decision making before you were born to bring us to NZ. A few events delayed the process, one major one being you! But we got here in the end.  Once we were here and in our rented house I felt very quickly that really there was no going back for me. This is where I can imagine our future.  If I try to imagine what life would be had we stayed, or if we went back, I draw a complete blank. A black image. I just can't picture it.

Of course there is still the guilt. I don't think that will ever go away. And it doesn't get easier. But I've made my decision and I have to live with that guilt, it's just part of it. Penance I guess for everything else being so good here.

I've made friends. Have a good social life. I'm not sure yet if they are "real" friends or "mummy" friends, only time will tell. But at least I know people, I'm getting out and about, I'm enjoying myself, and I know there's people I can call on if I need to.  We live in a fantastic area, you will have a great education in the local schools, and you'll have all the benefits of living in a village whilst also being so close to the city.  

Our house is beyond my wildest dreams (nothing fancy or over the top, just more than I could have ever hoped for), the plans we have for renovations will make it even better.  And unless we fall on hard times it looks like you are going to have a pretty privileged childhood being here.  Materially, culturally, socially, environmentally - being here is everything I could hope for and more, for my daughter.

I know you are British, but as you were so young when we left you will never truly be British. Your home is here now. I know if we went back now you would adjust quickly and never remember being here at all, but I think being a Kiwi kid suits you!   Even if you will lose your English accent fairly soon!

15 #2: There's a big scary monster in the house (aka a small black &white kitten)

We have a new member of the Barker family - Roman.  
When we got him he was about 3.5 months old and he's a real live wire kitten.  He runs, jumps, pounces, grabs and bites but he is also incredibly friendly and loving.  However, when he's in his 'wild times' he's too much for you (and I don't blame you at all, he's too much for me too!).  You squeal whenever he comes into the room you are in, and you scream if he comes near you.  
Your summation is "I like Roman when he's sleeping!".  
We're working on it, but he doesn't do himself many favours.  This morning, he jumped on the bed and grabbed hold either side of your head.  He isn't viscous and doesn't really bite but it's a big shock to all of us to suddenly be "attacked" by the cat!  
We're hoping with time he calms down and you grow to accept him, and maybe even like him a little!