Friday, 16 October 2015

15 #11 Living with a Threenager

The Troublesome Three's are definitely harder than the Terrible Two's. I thought we had gotten away quite lightly with the Tertible Two's but you are paying us back 100 fold with your Troublesome Three's!
You can articulate what you want and what your feeling much much better now you are three. You feel injustices (or perceived injustices) much deeper. And you yell a whole lot louder too!! You stamp your feet, throw your arms, throw anything to hand across the room, shout, scream and cry really loudly. Quite a few times a day!
You are testing out your bossiness - which sometimes is cute - but sometimes is downright rude. Take today for example, you were tired and Cooper was over to play but you didn't want to play and you started being stroppy and shouting so I sent you to your room to calm down. I went in to check on you and you shouted "Go away!". So you spent a few minutes in timeout.
You are argumentative, defiant and stubborn to the core. When you have decided you don't want to do something there is absolutely no persuading you otherwise. You are so like me it's scary!!

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