Friday, 16 October 2015

15 #10 Habits, rituals and general obsessive behaviour

You are such a funny little thing. Everything has to be done in a particular way. Things have to follow a certain pattern, the way we've always done it, or there's hell to pay. You like predictability. You need a set routine. But you are very cute with it!

Just some of your little rituals are:

We have to have a story, then you brush your teeth. Then more paste is required, then a second brush. Now it's my turn to brush your teeth. After that you go out to the dining room and say goodnight to Daddy. We then sing Twinkle Twinkle and you climb into bed to drink your milk. A kiss, a cuddle, a handshake is then required, and usually lots of repetition of these before you'll let me say goodnight and leave the room.

Porridge and 100 & 1000's is your staple breakfast.  You require 100 & 1000's in a cup with a spoon whilst I cook the porridge.  The tub of sprinkles has to be left in an exact position on the side, which you will then carry over to the table when your bowl of porridge is on the table.  You save some of the 100 & 100's in your cup to sprinkle over your porridge. The tub gets sprinkled first, then you tip the remainders from your cup. Then you can FINALLY eat your porridge. Heaven help me if I forget a step or get it wrong at any stage!

At kindy
When we arrive you find your name on the wall and choose your locker.  Then you lead me around the garden and go down the zoom slide, then you lead me to the gate. You give me kisses, licky kisses, cuddles, say you love me, wave, go off to play.  I like this little ritual because you are so happy to be at kindy and proud of it you want to show it off to me before running off to have a great day.

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