Sunday, 7 June 2015

15 #4 Princess obsessions

To say you are obsessed with princesses would be an understatement!  Every day without fail you ask to wear a "Glittery dress".  You plead to wear a glittery dress and then you stamp your feet and whine/scream if I say no.  You see, you can't wear a glittery dress (a dress up costume) everywhere we go, it's not always practical. But you ask every day anyway.  Usually our compromise is that you get to put your glittery dress on when we get home.

You absolutely love your Elsa dress. That's the one you usually choose.  You are starting to know the movie script by heart and you swish around the house reciting Elsa's lines and singing the songs.  A close second is your ballerina tutu/Angelina Ballerina outfit which you wear with your "proper ballet shoes" and you twirl and leap, and plié and jete, around the house with a huge smile.

For your birthday you got a collection of Disney Princess figures and a couple of princess dolls.  These are the first dolls you have had and you love them. Sparkle Fairy is your favourite, followed by Aerial.  These two have shoes and crowns and wands, which I am terrified are going to be lost as they are so small, and you love them so much.  The disney dolls can all swap dresses and have become a firm favourite too.  You are always asking us to build Lego castles for the princesses to live in.

I think it's safe to say you are going to be a real girly girl!

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