Friday, 5 September 2014

#21 Our "Holiday in a holiday"

For our last week in England we had a 'Holiday in a holiday" at Longleat Forest Center Parcs.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods with Nanny, and Grandad, Aunty Jane & Uncle James stayed in another opposite us.  

Playing Fishing with Grandad

Exploring the woods behind the cabins (all great explorers have a stick!)

The highlight of the holiday park was the sub tropical swimming complex that had a wave pool, slides, flumes and a toddlers pool with a water slide in it. You loved it!

Swimming by yourself!

On the slide - "Ready Steady Gooooooooo!"

Walking up the steps to the top of the slide by yourself.  You did this countless times - up.down, up, down!

With Aunty Jane

Nanny & Aunty Jane

Aunty Jane, Grandad & Uncle James

The holiday park is next to Longleat Safari Park so we spent a day with the animals.  You got up close with a beautiful Giraffe and really enjoyed going round the safari section in our car (mainly because you were allowed out of the car seat so you could kneel up and see the animals more easily).  You decided that seeing the lions was your favourite part of the day.

We hired bikes and cycled round the holiday park through the woods.  I got to ride in a trailer (or "Tent bike" as you called it) attached to Daddy's bike.  You loved it!  It was so much fun.  Although you did upset whenever Mummy disappeared from view.

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