Friday, 5 September 2014

#20 Renewing relationships with the Rele's

This trip to England has been all about renewing relationships with your English family. Some you know well from previous visits and keeping in contact via FaceTime. Some you don't remember at all. You have accepted every introduction with a little shyness at first, then lots of smiles. Essentially, if someone is willing to play with you and read you books you don't seem to mind not knowing them all that well. They fast become friends.

I have loved watching you reconnect with your Nanny.  We speak twice a week on FaceTime and she visited us in NZ earlier this year so you are very familiar with her and took to her straight away.  Your relationship has got stronger and stronger.

We speak to Grandad less often due this working hours and as a consequence you didn't really remember him, but you were quick to accept he is a special person for you and were ready to play and be read to.

You remembered Aunty Jane from our frequent FaceTime calls and quickly held her hand, say on her lap and got her to entertain you.  You found Uncle James quite scary I think, and it didn't really get any better the more we saw him! Hopefully next time you'll be less wary.

We only managed to catch up with Uncle Gary, Aunty Suzanne & Barnabyonce during the trip which was a real shame.  You had know idea of their significance to you unfortunately, but you really enjoyed our day out in the woods together searching for the Gruffalo. You even gave Barnaby a cuddle goodbye!

We spent a lovely couple of days at Great Aunty Sheila's house. You last saw Sheila and Ray when you were 7 months old so you couldn't be expected to know them at all, but as Sheila is so good with small children you quickly became at ease. Sheila had found some toys and books that once belonged to her grand children, she made playdough for you and we took you to the park. You also got to sleep in a big girls bed for the first time which was so exciting for you!

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