Monday, 2 June 2014

#15 The grass is always greener ... Isn't it?

There's this feeling we all get at times that the grass is always greener and I sometimes find myself longing for some ME time. I'd like to laze in bed in the morning. I'd like to read the news, Facebook and catch up on the blogs I follow in one session, without interruption, or little fingers trying to swipe the iPad screen to "Find the clock!". I'd love to have a leisurely shower, or even a long hot bath. I'd love to dry my hair without feeling guilty that the noise terrifies you and knowing that you are cowering in the living room pretending to watch tv, but really you are just listening to the noise.
I rarely get any Me time, but this is fine, honestly. I love being with you, going to activities, having adventures and reading books. But sometimes a bit of Me time is necessary. However it's always a double edged sword. 
I look forward to being able to go out to the shops by myself, then find myself checking to see where you are or reaching for a hand that's not there.
I look forward to being at home by myself when Daddy or Nana take you out for a while, but find myself starting to tell you something only to realise you aren't there. And wandering around the house, aimlessly, wondering what to do until you get home.
You make a mess, you steal my food, you always "want an up" when I'm trying to cook dinner and don't have any spare hands. But when you look up at me with your beautiful blue eyes, smile your infecticious smile and slip your little hand into mine and it fits so perfectly, I never want to be without you. I feel lost if my Little Duckling isn't by my side!

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