Wednesday, 25 February 2015

15 #2: There's a big scary monster in the house (aka a small black &white kitten)

We have a new member of the Barker family - Roman.  
When we got him he was about 3.5 months old and he's a real live wire kitten.  He runs, jumps, pounces, grabs and bites but he is also incredibly friendly and loving.  However, when he's in his 'wild times' he's too much for you (and I don't blame you at all, he's too much for me too!).  You squeal whenever he comes into the room you are in, and you scream if he comes near you.  
Your summation is "I like Roman when he's sleeping!".  
We're working on it, but he doesn't do himself many favours.  This morning, he jumped on the bed and grabbed hold either side of your head.  He isn't viscous and doesn't really bite but it's a big shock to all of us to suddenly be "attacked" by the cat!  
We're hoping with time he calms down and you grow to accept him, and maybe even like him a little!

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