Saturday, 27 December 2014

#23 Plant seeds and watch them grow

You have been so eager to grow some flowers for months and I promised you once Spring was here we would just that.  You decided you would like to grow Sunflowers and Poppies.  We have since discovered the best time to plant Poppy seeds is in the autumn so these seeds are in the cupboard waiting for the right time to be sown.  I chose to get you some strawberry plants too. Partly because they are easy, grow fast and you get fruit. Partly in the hope you'd actually eat the fruit if you had grown it yourself.  That part hasn't worked yet, but I'm still hopeful!

When we planted the strawberry plants you were much more interested in getting muddy feet and making your own puddles with the watering can. So I mainly put them in the pots.  But when it came to the Sun Flower seeds I discovered you already knew how to plant seeds - poke finger in soil, place seed in, cover over. Peppa Pig is educational too!

We planted the whole packet - about 30 seeds - and I was then a bit worried of all of them starting to grow, but as it happens about 10 of them have taken which is a good amount.

You love your new job of watering the plants each evening, but mostly you love being able to make puddles to jump in!

We have had 2 strawberries ripen so far, both of which you have insisted that I eat. They were delicious!  The Sunflowers are growing incredibly fast - about 1 inch a day.  I have to keep adding more string to keep them upright. I can't wait for the day we go outside and fine we have a bright yellow sunflower!

Update, approx 1 month later - we had about 8 strawberries from your plants. All delicious and eaten by mummy of daddy because you wouldn't try them! And your sunflowers are growing at an astonishing rate of several inches a day (the difference between morning and evening is noticeable!). They are now as tall as Daddy and starting to grow flowers.  

Update, approx 2 months later - the sunflowers are now as tall as the verandah roof and the petals are starting to open.  You are so excited!  And we seem to be getting a second round of strawberries!

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