Saturday, 19 April 2014

#10 Crafty things

We spend a lot of afternoons doing crafty things like "stickies", painting, curalling (your name for colouring), and Play Doh.  You get really excited at the prospect of painting and getting messy (or "muddy" as you call it) and I like doing these activities as they tend to keep you amused for longer than the usual 5-10 mins when doing other things.

As it's Easter time I have been trying to theme our craft activities to teach you about Easter, chicks, the Easter Bunny etc and you've really enjoyed it.  You are now obsessed with Chicks thanks to your new book: 'Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt' which you were given for Easter (but I let you have early), and you spend most of the day singing the little song from the book and saying "Cheep, cheep, cheep"!

P.S. the witch's hat is THE fashion accessory of the moment and has to be worn most of every day (even though it is way too small as it was bought for you to wear for Halloween when you were 5 months old!).  But together with a home made wand - a chopstick and foil covered card - you are happiest, reciting pages from the book Room On The Broom!

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